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Onna x Whoever OPEN COLLAB
My persona needs a lover, -_- she is so lonely.
If I find a ship that I personally like and find cute, than I will make the ship official, but also this is open to CrackShip as well! ^^
Lots of love: Bye~! 💜

Also, I'm gonna mention some of my friends who'd probably want to do this and Some artists that I like too;
Dreammer-Bey, Nightwatch101, MikuParanormal, xXMadAlice59Xx, Scarmmetry, NaughtyKittyDV-1992, NightmareQueenKasei, NoEyeBunnyyy, Neytirix, CamyWilliams9, Cupcake889, Ghosty-Doodles, ImaginemonsterVi
BoXGirlVivi, boltxn-queen, AcidxCat, agma323, ArtIsLife512, KillingKate1
I'm Fine, Mom.... Samily
As the week progrest, Lily noticed that her eldest daughter had been showing up with bruises, sometimes even cuts on her skin. Her mother's instincts, told her that she was being abused by someone, she had confronted her husband and had asked if he knew, he didn't. Her husband; Sam was also worried about his daughter, but he had two young children to take care of, so he couldn't really help.

Samily got home again with even more wounds on her body, questions although her mother came to door to greet her. She didn't say anything about her toxic relationship with her lover, her mother spoke snapping her out of her trance.

Lily: "Sweetie, I'm worried about you. What's happening to you? You keep showing up with bruises and cuts all over you, tell me what's happening"
Samily: "Nothing mom, “I'm Fine” okay?"

As Samily walked to her room, she whispered: "I'm not" before closing the door to her room. Locking it, she flopped onto her bed and cried into her pillow, as she bled and was in pain from her Lover whipping her with a nail tail whip. And cutting her with a knife, never to speak a word of the abuse, unless she wanted to be killed.

Robert & Rose: NaughtyKittyDV-1992 & CamyWilliams9
Lily: NaughtyKittyDV-1992
Sam: CamyWilliams9
Art: xXPoltergeistOnnaXx
Samily: xXPoltergeistOnnaXx
The trickster: Heterosexual/Hetroromantic

Zina: Aromatic/Asexual

Vixx: Bi–curious/bisexual

Katey: Pansexual

Hyundai: Aromatic/Asexual
Cynthia: Bisexual/Biromantic

Matilda: Panromantic/Pansexual

Marilyn: Demisexual

Maria: Polysexual

Cathedral: Graysexual
OCs: Need ships
Leave the OCs in the comments! ^^
Horror OC Experiment: 238
Name: Abdiel Bula Nigella

Known Alias: Experiment 238, 238, Abbie

Gender: Female

Age: [unknown]

Likes: To scare people, silences, blood, whipping people, hurting others, her pet, horror, gore

Dislikes: Loud noises, children, men, everyone else, laboratories, asylums, annoying people, rude people

Personality: She is very aggressive and loves to scare people, she doesn't talk to anyone that much. She is mostly sassy, rude, and overall just a bitch when she meets someone, if she does be in a relationship with someone romantically, then she will most likely be the dominant partner. She hurts others before they can hurt her basically

Sexual Orientation: Asexual/Aromatic

Relationship status/Love status: Complicated

Species: [unknown]

Allies: Not many, just her pet and The trickster (belongs to me) [open]

Enemies: Almost everyone

Family: They're all dead

Weaknesse(s): Reminding her of her experiment

Race: Black

Hair: Almost black/brown

Eyes: Bright blue

Weight: 149lbs

Height: 6'7

Outfit: She wears bandages over her eyes and wears an old gown, she has her hair down which is usually messy, she has cuts all over her legs from experiments taken place

Origin: Not much is known about her origin, just that she has been experimented on by doctors before killing them all, she is a very mysterious girl and does not open up to anyone

Disorder(s): None

Health problems: Keeping her cuts cleaned.
Name: Rai/Raia Prince

Pronounce: Them/they/their  she/her/hers  him/he/his

Gender: both genders

Known Alias: Asher, Rai, Smol Muffin, jellyfish, muffin

Sexual Orientation/Sexual Preference: Lesbian/Pansexual Pansexual Pride (F2U) Lesbian Pride (F2U)  

Relationship Status/Love Status: Single

Age: 14
Fact: part of the lgbtq+ community LGBTQ+ Support Paw Sticker Rainbow Pro-LGBT Icon Pixel Art 

Allies: My mom, sister, my crush, my cats, my hamster

Any known relatives:

Mother(s): alive
Sister(s): alive
brother(s): none
Love interest: alive

Personality: Kind, sweet, shy, anxious, easy blusher, easy to trust, will keep a secret if needed, animal lover, creative, self contained, loyal, cute/adorable [a lot of people say that], social, will open up once i know you, gentle, prankster

Likes: music, my crush, horror movies, the paranormal, making fun of the poor effects in movies, animals, sander sides, thomas sanders, junk food, is a HUGE sucker for cuddles, mcr, get scared, random encounters, the lgptq+ community, pride month, lgptq+ music, creepypasta, horror, my neighbor totoro, gibli, anime, manga, any gender, girls, boys, pride flag, making my wifey embarrassed, cuddling my crush ^^, don't hug me im scared, doggos, cats

Killers, rapsits, people who kill children, stupid people, anyone who dares to hurt my family, when people make me blush, homophobes, hate towards the lgbtq+ community, closed spaces, nightmares, being bullied, not being accepted by anyone, people who make fun of my art, people who are distributed by my dark personality, being yelled at, being called lazy or rude, rude people, any kind of abuse, racism, being told I'm not good enough or people don't care for me, people who steal art

that's all the info im giving, now stop asking for a meet the artist Betty - NO [F2U] Thanks! I'm going to slap some sense into you! 


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Point commissions: Open
Art trades: Open to friends
Requests: Friends only


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Zionthe2 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, bud ^-^ thanks for the watch
I like your persona~ I feel bad about her cut up legs though Q~Q
xXPoltergeistOnnaXx Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New Deviant
You're welcome!~ and thanks, glad you like her
I know, she's a poor soul. Q^Q
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Hey thank you so much for watching me! Feel free to comment on anything or let me know if something needs improving. I love to hear from people! Have a fabulous day ^^
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You're welcome, dear! Your art is amazing btw and I really like it! ^^
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thank you so much! I'm working hard at school to learn them artsy skills so I can try to apply it to my art here ^^ I'm glad it's starting to show!
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You're welcome! ^^ practice makes perfect!
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Welcome to Deviant Art (2)
Have a nice day ^^
Chewbachu Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hi, I wanted to say that I like your drawings, they're really nice!! And I saw the " Ocs need ship thing" ( sorry I don't know the name) but I only saw one character reference sheet and I'm interested in knowing the others... If anything in the last sentence was rude, then I apologize in advance...
xXPoltergeistOnnaXx Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
It's okay! And thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my art! What characters would you like to know the most?
Chewbachu Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Umm Matilda or Onna... They both sound really cool
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